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Felted wool kit with 5 pastel colours

Repair, decorate, and customise with this simple and fun technique that involves blending, mixing, and modelling with small needles. Using a technique thats easy and fun, the wool is blended, meshed and shaped with little needles, creating all sorts of different effects by combining colours, patterns and sizes. 5 colours: pink, beige, red, grey, black. Felted wool kit: - Repair: Dont just darn your sweaters, cardigans and other knits fill those holes artistically and make them a feature. - Customise: Add a few fun shapes and dashes of colour to make all of your knits unique. - Decorate: Make 3D decorations for your knits that will really show off your skills. You're sure to quickly fall in love with this technique. The kit includes: foam pad, 2 felting needles, and 50 cm of felted wool in 5 different colours (pink, beige, red, grey, black).

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